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Local Missions



Now more than ever it's important to bring God's hope and love to others through acts of service. Matthew 5:16 "Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." There are several ways that you can take action through Life Church: 





Sign up HERE: SERVE Team Signup  

If you'd like to stay in the loop and connected to what Life Church is doing to serve its community, join the Life Church Serve Team. Never again miss out on a serving opportunity! Be the first to know what we've got planned to love our community, and stay engaged with new and ongoing service projects, big and small, many of which will only be presented to this team. As projects come, you can pick which ones fit your timing, family, abilities, and skills best. 


SIGN UP HERE: Partner Ministry SignUP 

As you can imagine much of our Global and local serving plans have had to be put on hold, or have changed to significantly reduce or completely eliminate volunteer involvement. But even in light of the changes, there are still ways that you can get involved. 


Through Kairos Prison Ministry we share the good news of Jesus Christ with unreached inmates and equip incarcerated Christians to follow Christ. There are a number of opportunities for both men and women to participate. Life Church takes multiple trips each year inside the prisons to minister to the inmates. 

  • Next Trip Dates:
    • Women's: TBD Due to current events
    • Men's: TBD Due to current events 
  • Ages: 18+
  • Cost: $200

Life in Education

Life Church is committed to being an asset and a blessing to the LISD school district. We work with two schools to regularly bless the teachers. In addition to other efforts we do throughout the year, we provide food for underresourced children through our backpacks food drive and also help improve literacy skills as reading partners through Education Connection. We also find ways to encourage and support our teachers. 

Angel House Soup Kitchen

The Angel House Soup Kitchen, located in Austin,  serves the poor who suffer from the lack of basic human needs: material needs, such as food, clothing, and household necessities; psychological needs, such as motivation, self-esteem, and rehabilitation; and social needs, such as support systems and meaningful relationships. A group from Life church volunteers at the soup kitchen on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Community First! Village (CFV)

People from Life Church volunteer at CFV on a regular basis. CFV is a 27-acre master-planned community that provides affordable, sustainable housing, and a supportive community for the chronically homeless in Austin. The list of ways to get involved is broad: Fund and build a micro-house,  befriend a resident, farm development, fruit tree care, coop care, lunch for ROADS artists, garden maintenance, harvest & preservation, food distribution, rabbit care, composting, grounds beautification, etc. Families are invited to serve.

Hill Country Community Ministries(HCCM)

HCCM is a Leander-based food pantry that serves the community in Christ’s love with dignity and compassion in an atmosphere of neighbor helping neighbor. This a great organization to give to or volunteer with. There are many ways to volunteer. Life Church serves at HCCM on the 4th Monday of each Month, 7AM-8AM, helping to unload a food delivery truck.  We also help to distribute food on our campus on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, at 11:30 AM. Both opportunities are quick and easy ways you can make a big difference in your community!

Reveal Resource Center (RRC)

RRC is a nearly 100% volunteer operated organization dedicated to being the hands and feet of Jesus by serving families through food and clothing distribution as well as providing spiritual resources. Life Church serves on RRC's board, and also helps provide financial and volunteer resources. There's a number of ways that you can get involved. You can: Adopt a family. Volunteer your time, give financially, or donate food and clothing. Volunteering is especially needed on days of distribution, Monday's and Tuesdays of each week. 

Christian Resource Center (CRC)

CRC helps to network ministries, churches and individuals working together for the restoration of individuals, families, and the greater Austin community. CRC provides life skills, household items, food, clothing, specialized resources, education (GED, ESL, trades), employment, counseling, discipleship and other services/goods that are identified as needs of families in the community. CRC's goal is to promote spiritual growth, connection with a faith family and financial stability to bring families to wholeness and sustainability. There are many ways to volunteer and participate in this goal.

Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN)

Life Church is a participating partner of ADRN, an organization comprised of over 175 Greater Austin churches and thousands of trained volunteers bringing hope into crisis and times of disaster. ADRN’s network enables and empowers church members to organize, prepare, mobilize, and respond quickly to help themselves and others in the event of a disaster, great or small.  ADRN also rebuilds and repairs survivor homes and provides immediate assistance to those in crisis. There are many ways to get involved in ADRN.


This is a Williamson County-based organization that combats sex trafficking right here in the Greater-Austin area. Key2free does this by providing safe housing, education, and therapeutic care for victims. You can give or volunteer.

Life Church loves leander pd

Our Leander police officers protect and serve our community year-round asking little in return. Police officers face immense pressure physically, emotionally, and upon their families. Life Church supports and encourages the men and women of our law enforcement in multiple ways. One way is by making and serving them food on the 3rd Thursday of each month, You can help provide, make, and serve the food. 

Sweet Heat

This non-profit company functions missionally right out of Life Church's kitchen to produce tasty jams that it sells in different stores. Sweet Heat's purpose is to provide a semester-based program that gives opportunities, teaches culinary skills, creates peer mentoring relationships, develops social skills, and produces accountability for young adults with developmental, physical, or intellectual disabilities. You can support Sweet Heat's mission by buying their Jams at HEB. You can also utilize their service for a loved one with disabilities in need of development.