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Mom2Mom is for all WOMEN tHIS Year, not only moms!!

Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to offer childcare, and will have ZOOM small groups that will meet throughout the week (day and night groups) AND in-person groups that meet at the church on Wednesday mornings. So this is a unique and exciting opportunity for you to join us - you might even consider it a small group bible study.

We're not studying a "moms only" book so it'll be a great study for all ladies. We'll be going through Stasi Eldredge's book "Becoming Myself: Embracing God's Dream of You" so this will be a meaningful book for you, regardeless of whether you're a mom or not! She and her husband John wrote "Wild at Heart" and "Captivating" - both awesome books! There will be a short video component and lots of time to talk with your group. Your registration fee is only $35 and includes your book.

Mom2Mom is ABOUT:

Empowering Women.

Encouraging Moms.

Embracing the Journey.

Come along, friend! You're invited to gather with us each week as we encourage each other on this wild journey we call life! We're saving a seat just for you!

This year we'll have 2 group options to chose from!

Option 1: Choose an IP (In Person) small group that will meet at Life Church every Wednesday from 9:30 - 11:30AM.

First IP meeting will be on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 and we'll meet through the end of April 2021.  We meet at Life Church (1393 E. Woodview Drive, Leander, TX 78641).  Masks required.

Option 2: Choose an Online (Zoom) small group. When you register you'll note which days of the week and times that you're available. Groups will be made accordingly.

All groups will be using the same video/book cirriculum so choose the option that works best with your schedule, childcare needs, and family responsibilities.

We are unfortunately unable to offer childcare this year due to COVID challenges. However, we have coordinated our meeting time with the days of the week that Life Church KDO meets, so if your child is/will be enrolled in the Life Church KDO program, your child will be able to attend their KDO class as usual during our Mom2Mom time. Win-win!

Tuition is $35 for the year and includes the program, materials, and a couple of suprises during the year. If you'd like to pay with a credit or debt card, please click on the link below to register online.

If you'd prefer to pay with cash or check, please print out this REGISTRATION FORM and scan/email to:  Contact Page, then mail or drop off originals with your payment to: 

Life Church Mom2Mom
1393 E Woodview Drive
Leander, TX 78641                 

Come join us - you're among friends!


Questions? Contact Heidi Rourke (Team Leader) at Contact Page or (503) 267-1891.