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About Life Church

experience life. give life. 

We want Life Church to be a distinct church that makes a real and tangible difference in people's lives. Everything we do is geared towards creating an atmosphere that will most effectively connect with the people of our community.

Life Church is a different type of church. Since its beginning, the church’s approach has always been to offer a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where people can come as they are, regardless of their background, and experience a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are especially open to "unchurched" or "dechurched" people who have for whatever reason never gone to church or who have dropped out along the way. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where all people can come and feel welcomed.

We have upbeat and heartfelt worship that will help you encounter God. We also present relevant and biblical messages in a real and authentic way that will help you connect your faith with everyday life.

Life Church's purpose is TO LIVE A BOLD LIFE IN JESUS CHRIST.

We believe this is the way to experience life and give life.

Make an impact with us

Though still fairly young, Life Church has planted eight churches, formed numerous ministries, and dispatched missionaries to unreached parts of the world.

In addition to the Sunday morning worship services, Life Church also has a children's ministry, youth ministry, adult small groups that meet throughout the week, and various other ministries. Everyone invited. Everyone welcome. We hope you will check out one of our Sunday worship services one of our weekly gatherings.

Join us at our next Discover Life Church class to learn more about Life Church and meet a few of our leaders.